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Originally Posted by s.draber View Post
you would make me a very happy man if you can tell me, that my k3 isn't fucked up
Your K3 isn't broken, you just did something wrong. I had the same thing happen.

Originally Posted by s.draber View Post
unfortunately, the k3 isn't recognized as removable device anymore after that second try. so i tried to uninstall tcc-drivers like described in the instruction:
Each time you plug your K3 in to your PC you need to set it to recovery mode to use tcctool. You shouldn't have to constantly re-install tcctool.

You also need to set it into recovery mode again if you want to use tcctool again after you boot an image on your K3 using tcctool.

Originally Posted by s.draber View Post
but now i got another problem: i booted the 4.10 .rom with tcctools, got it as a removable device, formatted it, moved the 4.10 .img to it. then i booted it again with a 4.03 .rom
you moved the .img on to it? You need to move the .img AND the .rom on to it. This may be the source of the problems you are having.

Originally Posted by s.draber View Post
after the first try i unplugged it too late, so i got a "invalid image file size"-error. once again, i did all that again, unplugged it as soon as the samsung logo came, but the error was the same.
If it gave you that error the first time you didn't unplug it too late.

Try formatting it again if you keep getting this error.

Hope this helps!

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