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Little bit of my background - I've had a sansa for a year and a half, I've tried to brick it in every way possible, and still could not do it (note: this does not include hardware modifications). Any changes you make to your sansa from your computer can be reverted, unless there's hardware damage. Only problem is, if there's hardware damage, you can't get to recovery mode...meaning it can be fixed.

I've used recovery mode hundreds of times, have helped the Rockbox crew test e200R to e200 conversions, and have helped test getting Rockbox on the e200R. I've done just about every trick possible to my Sansa, so there's no point arguing.

In addition, based on the attitude it looked like you had based on your posts, I may come off a little mean. If I do, I apologize. However, keep in mind that I was once a Sansa Rockbox moderator here, specializing in Rockbox and repairing Sansas. If you try to go the Sandisk Customer Support route, you're going to end up waiting two to three weeks, while it would only take a few hours if you follow these directions. In addition, advcomp2019 is a Sansa moderator, meaning he's also been around Sansas for quite a while. While Cruleworld isn't a moderator, he's an ultra senior member - he's also seen quite a few cases similar to this, and has helped people recover quite a few Sansas.

Ultimate quoting:

It won't install the firmware.
It won't load that firmware.
It doesn't load anything. That's the problem. It won't take any files I put in it.
Most likely it's the wrong files (or filenames) then.

no, you guys don't understand. [snip] Will someone please help me already?!?!?
In all seriousness, if you don't think we understand, how can we help you?

I can get into recovery mode just fine every time.
Originally Posted by smug View Post
I did use the e200 tool for linux. It still won't accept the files.
If you can get to recovery mode, you DO NOT need manu mode.

Originally Posted by smug View Post
I can't put the new .txt file in the player. My player won't let me write anything to it. It's really corrupted.
If it was corrupt, you wouldn't be in recovery mode. Recovery mode and the other data (firmware, bootloader, music) are stored on the same drive, under different partitions (recovery mode, bootloader, firmware on one, music on the other). As I said before, if the memory was corrupt, recovery mode wouldn't load, and you'd need to use manu mode (since recovery mode does load, manu mode is not needed)

Originally Posted by smug View Post
why would a different computer matter?
Because there's a very small chance that there'd be identical computers - same exact model number (if prebuilt), same exact settings, same updates, etc. In addition, it'd wipe out the possibility for any hardware problem on your computer. In other words, trying on a second computer would eliminate the possibility of it being a problem on the one you're using.

Originally Posted by smug View Post
I need someone who has had this problem before to post. I can get into recovery mode. My problem is, anything I drop in the 16MB-Format my player won't accept. How do I get my player to accept anything in recovery mode?
I've read up on just about every problems there's been. From what it looks like, your sansa isn't accepting the files because you installed the beta firmware, which uses different filenames. A missing version.txt file could possibly be the cause, but I haven't experimented with that enough yet to know. Try the following:
Go into recovery mode: Turn on hold, begin holding record while turning your player on, and release REC when it says "Welcome to Recovery Mode". At this point, grab the file's you'll need:
Based on your problem, you'll probably need all four files to fully clean your sansa:
The bootloader, the firmware, version.txt, and sansa.fmt.

Grab the version.txt file advcomp2019 posted on the first page, and save it on to the 16MB-FORMAT drive that appears on your computer. Download the 1.02.18A firmware - the one on my site has been known to work: . Save that onto your sansa, and rename it to firmware.mi4. Download the bootloader as well - . Save that onto your sansa, and rename it to pribootLoader.rom. Note that firmware.mi4 and pribootLoader.rom are case sensitive. Create a blank file called sansa.fmt in notepad, and save it onto the 16MB-FORMAT drive as well.

What this will do is write a copy of the pre-beta firmware, which should let you use pp5022.mi4 and bl_sd_boardsupportsd.rom in the future, which is what probably caused issues for you. The firmware will bring you back down to a stable version of the firmware, which should fix and issues you have starting your Sansa. version.txt should allow those files to be written. sansa.fmt will erase all the files that are currently on the Sansa, which should also fix any issues. Note that all four of these files must be on the sansa before you disconnect it. If you have any problems, post them.
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