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My apologies for bothering you guys...after I posted yesterday, I visited the Sandisk site and found out that on back of player is the model number....sure enough I have E250v2 plus firmware number starting with 3.

I tried to delete my post but couldn't find it for some strange reason... I got into this problem because my v1 player was replaced with new V2 player under RMA.

I will have to say that Sandisk Customer Service was very easy to work with and I really appreciated how they handled my complaint. I live in Taiwan and they offered to cover international shipping for me. It wasn't much, ~$5 USD, so I didn't bother filing a claim.

So my family now owns (2) v1s (both Rockboxed) and one v2...and it looks like I'm going to get stuck with the v2... I'm going to miss that Sleep Timer...among many other features!! Guess I'll head on over to the E200v2 forum now...
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