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Default fm transmitter

Can anybody recomend an fm transmitter worthy of the D2
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There is none "worthy" of the D2... all FM transmitters sound like crap, unfortunately.
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Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
There is none "worthy" of the D2... all FM transmitters sound like crap, unfortunately.
Quoted for truth. Unfortunately, even bluetooth is better. I would suggest going with a direct plug if possible. You can get a nice car receiver that can hook right up to your player for ~$100 bucks, or an awesome one for ~$200.
The above is opinionated and as such, incredibly biased. Taking any of the above as fact is punishable to the full extent of the law, up to and including death.

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The trouble is that i drive so many different vehicles from cars, coaches and trucks, most have fm radios most of the the coaches have video's and screens. there must be one transmitter that is above the others and what should i look out for.
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Default Try this one

I agree with the other guys, direct connect is the best. However, I also move between vehicles a lot. After much trial and error I came across this item from Coby:

For an FM Transmitter, it is very nice. It has an inline 12v plug so you can use it without taking up your only 12v. Also, it can tune the full FM range in .1 increments. I got mine for $17 on a month ago and love it. Hope this helps!
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My take on fm transmitter for the d2:
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Default Some are better than others..

I've found the transmitters with Aerielle (manufacturer?) technology work the best. You can find them under the iRiver and Kensington nameplate for about $40. Do a search on Amazon and you'll see the similarities. I used the iRiver transmitter for years and it was acceptable. I especially liked that it plugged into the 12v outlet so I didn't have to carry spare batteries with me. My husband had a Belkin transmitter that was awful beyond comprehension so I'd avoid that one at all costs. Best Buy has a transmitter that looks a lot like the iRiver/Kensington model but I'm not sure if it uses the same technology. If you can't be sure of having a 12v outlet available these transmitters won't work for you, btw.
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