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It's working OK. I really like it. But here's some things.

1.I'd like to download the art into both formats (OF & Rockbox). So right now, I switch the button at the top and that works, but the status stays the same. that is, I open an album, its red. I search and save image in rockbox format. Switch to OF format to save for sansa, status still says green. But I save it anyway, cuz I know it's not there yet. Also that might be an option to add. Choice 1. OF; choice 2. rockbox; choice 3. both formats....

2. Also it would not scan my entire music directory...It only scanned and reported back 28 albums. Is there something messed up with my music structure or something. If I manually open each of the other album folders, I can add art, but not from scanning the whole music folder.
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