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Originally Posted by Nikolaus View Post
I just downloaded the version 0.6 and first of all I want to thank you for this great app!
The new scan-function is pretty nice, but I recognized one little bug.
RockAA tells me for every folder, even in the ones I got a jpg called "Album Art" and a bmp called "Cover", that there would be a wrong album art format (Falsches Album Art Format auf deutsch).
If this would be fixed RockAA would be my even more favourite programm to organize my Album Arts!
Greatings, Nikolaus
A folder is marked as "wrong format" if there is at least one image file in the folder, but the name, the format or the size is wrong. I understand that this is kind of confusing and I will look into this feature again. Maybe I'll add more different states or I'll ignore wrong sizes if the target MP3 player supports resizing (a minimum size might also be a good solution). Thanks for your feedback.

Oh, and if someone has a Mac: Could you please test RockAA on Mac OS X? The old version had huge problems (it didn't even start). I think I fixed it, but I have no way to test it.
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