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Originally Posted by LordJezo View Post
Can it be done one handed with a finger or is this a two handed player? Like if I am driving and wanted to switch something quickly, can a hand and a finger be used or will I need to pull over and use a stylus?
Depends what you mean by switching quickly. If you mean hit next/previous, you don't need to use the touch screen at all in that case (the tactile keys on top function as next, previous and pause/play when the player is in hold mode).

If you mean open the menu, sort through a thousand tracks as a single list and find one song, it's possible one handed. Holding the arrows scrolls pretty quickly, and the flick/drag motion can page through tracks 10-20 at a time once you adjust to the use of it. Regardless it would probably be easier to use the scroll bar, which is somewhat difficult to pin down one handed in my experience (but then again I have rather pudgy fingers so take that with a grain of salt).

I find the D2 very easy to navigate through having about 3200 tracks with the internal and SD combined. I do kind of wish there was an alphabetical option to jump to specific letters, but aside from that the interface is quick and definitely operable with one hand on most occasions.
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