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Lightbulb RockBox and Me...(Installing new OF)

Just wanted to write and let everyone know who is concerned about installing new OF with Rockbox. I installed new OF (v1.02.23a) on my v.1 Sansa e260 today and it did OVERWRITE the existing Rockbox bootloader. All you need to do to remedy this is to reinstall the Rockbox bootloader (Sansapatcher.exe) and your aces!

Question: Can I play video files from microSD in Rockbox?.

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Yes, Rockbox can play videos from the mircoSD card.
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It's always overwritten the bootloader as far as I know

Anytime you reload any .mi4 or whatever it is (necessary when you're changing themes for the original firmware) it requires you to redo the bootloader again
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There is a switch in sansapatcher to allow you to install a new OF from it (./sansapatcher --original-firmware PP5022.MI4, IIRC) however, I have not tested it much. Using the OF to install a new firmware will erase the rockbox bootloader, as other have stated.
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