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Originally Posted by mantekka View Post
If I remember correctly, I just moved all my music to a folder called "_MUSIC" so the sansa firmware didn't pick this up and so didn't do the refresh. But this means of course that you won't be able to play music in the original firmware. You could always leave an album or 2 in the music folder.
From what I've found, the OF searches everywhere, not just the "MUSIC" folder.

Unrelated: I did a few firmware dumps, and didn't a second database refresh bit for the MicroSD card. Because of that, I think that most likely, it's something like:
$rebuild = get_from_settings("rebuild");
if($rebuild == 1) {
} else if (microsd_inserted() == 1) {

Of course, that code is completely fake, but it gives a general idea, I suppose. However, the md5sum was the same for both the microsd card inserted and removed (run from pressing BUTTON_UP in rockbox bootloader) so it seems like it'd be guess and check trying to find where a similar line would be (provided it exists)
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