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Default Clip Screen Dust

Hello everyone. This is my first post here, and I'm learning the ropes...

I have noticed wee specks of dust on the interior of my clip's screen. Any comments on methods of eradicating this dilemma? Of course, as the clip is "clipped" together, unlike the e200...this may be an interesting proposition.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to ABI, Bob.

Yeah, that might be a tough one, since the Clip cannot be opened without breaking it.

Maybe try blowing canned air into the various openings?
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I have thought of that, with a few caveats:

The photographs here (quite fascinating, i must say!) of the open Clip show that the display is nested above the main board, with a ribbon pass-through on the board.

Blowing compressed air is possible from three points: the microphone port, the headphone jack, or the mini USB port.

I don't think the electret mike would be happy with the overpressure (have to look again at the photos).

The headphone opening reveals a view of the backside of the main PC board. Gently piping air in here may work, but at the risk of blowing further dist and debris around, only to make matters worse!

Let's look at the last option: the USB port. It's the biggest side opening, and the most likely source of dust incursion, aside from the main button area, the "blue ring". Has anyone seen the little silicone rubber plug caps for these openings?

Thus far, I am going to "let sleeping dogs lay", as the Clip is brand new. Of four clips here, my personal one is the only one with wee specks on the screen.

Perhaps others have had experience with this?

Great to see all the new things here at ABI!

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I have the same problem. Yes the dust appears to be entering through the usb port. I have blown air through the microphone and the headphone jack with out affecting the dust on the screen. After blowing dust through the usb port I noticed that there was more dust than before! I am afraid to continue as it is messing up my screen more.
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