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Default Rockbox: The Mac Issue?

Is there anyone out there with a rockbox installing guide for Mac users?

So far, all I can find is "Click install. Hope works."
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You can look on Rockbox's site:
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Originally Posted by Mr_Brightside View Post
Is there anyone out there with a rockbox installing guide for Mac users?

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Default ".rockbox" is hidden...

I just did a Mac install 2 days ago, and am using cpchan's build right now (that I installed yesterday). Awesome stuff! (All I need to do is figure out how make it create a playlist that's ordered by album, and I'll be a happy man.)

The installer did not work on my Macbook pro running 10.4. It installed the bootloader, but none of the .rockbox files.

In fact, unzipping doesn't even work for a manual install on mac because, by default, the Mac finder hides all "." files.

So, I used a little freeware/nagware program called "invisibles" which shows all "." files. (There's also one called Toggler apparently. I've never used it since Invisibles works great every time.)

The auto-installer program still didn't work. (It said it did, but it didn't.) But, I was able to drag and drop the files manually. No problem.

If someone knows how I can suggest this to the authors of the Rockbox help file/manual, or even if we can figure out a way to patch the auto install program to work right on a Mac (or if I was doing something wrong), then please let me know.


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I can verify that your problem with the mac version of the program doesn't work completely on my mac running leopard. Like you, it installed the bootloader fine, but nothing else - but I was able to do the rest manually. Some other ideas -

I have winxp running in vmware/s fusion, and the win version of rbutilqt works fine in it. Handy for installing themes and stuff.

For viewing the hidden files on a mac, I use 2 methods - mostly I use pathfinder, which is a really excellent file utility I couldn't live without - it shows all the files. Another method I used to use before I used pathfinder is a quick tip I found on another rockbox forum -

for doing the rockbox installation - the os hides things that start with a period, so:
You could also type this into the terminal:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool YES

This shows all the files/folders that begin with a period. You will have to restart Finder for it to take effect - use force quit in the apple menu to do this. To reverse it, just type in the same thing but replace yes with no.

There's a thread on the rockbox forums looking for help with the rbutilqt project - maybe some intrepid mac programmer type could step in and help out?
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