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Default 10mins Experience with the Q5

Yesterday I went to the MediaMarkt here in the Netherlands, to my great surprise they had the Q5 in all his glory waiting for me to try.

First impressions:

The screen is absolutely fabulous, the A3 was hanging next to it, well the Q5 looked like the A3 in size, but the buttons got dumped and it's all screen.

Then I tried the interface out for a bit, the touchscreen worked quite well, although not Ipod touch kinda good. I know it uses CE, so it had to load a bit whenever I accessed a different, uhm tab. Like Video, Audio etc.

Some other impressions:

As I said the A3 was next to the Q5, so I played with it for a bit too, but basicly, I wouldn't buy it over the Q5. Unless you absolutely hate touchscreens.

Next to the A3 were the Archos players, they are really ugly. I liked the size of the 605, but that's pretty much everything that I liked about it. The interface looks kinda 2000-ish, not to mention that whenever you want to close a tab, you'll have to tap on the REALLY small [X] icon on the right.

And Finally I went to the portable ones, the D2[which my friend has] is of course really good, but everytime I see it, I wonder if Cowon decided to arm the D3 with a bigger screen, hence settling with 2,5''. The player itself has quite a marge around the screen, fitting a bigger screen [2,8''-ish] wouldn't really be a problem imo.

I also compared the screens on the Clix2 with it and I'll have to say that the Clix screen does seem to be a bit, well, uhm better. In terms of brightness, viewing angle and pretty much everything except size.

That's my writeup for today, now I really want a Q5, but it's 500 price tag is pushing me far far far far away from it. If Cowon could only release something like the D2, with a 3'' screen and support for vga res videos. I would get it even if it was 500,-[IMO the Q5 isn't really portable anymore...]
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