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Default Launchcast already gone?

Has anyone tried to use the radio stations on their connect today? I dont know if it is a coincidence, but as of today, whenever I try to connect to one of the stations, I get a "Please try again later" message.

Also, does anyone have any links to information from Yahoo about what will happen with those of us that are already paid up for 2 years??? I used the Mastercard promotion, and I have this feeling that may not have been such a good idea.
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I'd think there would be a firmware update coming down the line soon.
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had the same problem myself - thought it was my wifi but everything else worked. haven't tired today thought
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It was a temporary glitch. Launchcast should be working now.
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Default Future of Yahoo Music Unlimited

I am in the same position as many of you having also joined up with the Mastercard two year plan. However, everything I have read on the Yahoo Music Unlimited change indicates that the service will be seamlessly migrated to Rhapsody later this year. After our 2 year commitment ends, we will be given an opportunity to renew on Rhapsody if we wish to continue. Hopefully, that's the way it will work.

By the way, has anyone else had a problem with different volume levels on the songs they get from the Yahoo Music Service. I know you can use MP3Gain to level volumes on MP3 files, but what about the songs we rent from Yahoo?

Thanks guys.
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Originally Posted by PromisedPlanet View Post
It was a temporary glitch. Launchcast should be working now.
Wow, I was out of town for a couple days and missed all the action. Mine is working fine.
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Default From SANSA

This is a follow-up on our prior communication regarding Yahoo's recent announcement that it will discontinue its Yahoo Music Unlimited and Unlimited To Go subscription services. We are committed to you, our customers and want to provide accurate and reliable information as soon as we are able to. SanDisk is exploring several potential courses of action to address a situation which is not entirely in our control. We expect to post more information shortly, which we hope will answer some of the questions that have been raised in several forum threads. We thank for your continued support.
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