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Default hmmm...IMO

If you're looking to use it as a MP3 first I'm not sure i would recommend it. The device is a bit large to carry around IMO. It does make a great MP3 player for maybe sitting around and listening to music though. It does have some cool features like the fact it displays the previous track and the next to play on screen, just cool little things like that make it nice but the controls are a little hard to access without looking at the unit as in walking or driving, for me anyways. It would be great if you had a bus or train ride it would be great I think.I guess it would be possible but if I'm just planning on listening to music I tend to grab one of my other players since they tend to be just a bit more on the portable side. You could always pick up a cheap 2GB player (Sansa Clip, Creative Stone perhaps?) and take that while you were walking maybe.
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