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Default Sound Control

When I purchased my Cowon, I bought a useful little add-on at the same time after reading reviews that mentioned that you could not adjust the sound level when it was locked down. It is a little gagit that plugs into the headphone jack and then the headphones plug into it. Not only does it allow you to adjust the sound when locked, but it also allows for very wide range and very fine changes in sound level.
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Are you talking about a wired remote control? That's very interesting, but you can set the D2 tactile buttons on the top to act as [ volume - | play/pause | volume + ] or [ rewind/previous track | play/pause | fast forward/next track ] when the player is locked.

Can you elaborate on which other changes your remote can do??
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That thing also sounds universal... I can imagine it might diminish SQ though. Wait and see...
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Sound quality is not a big factor because I use the Cowon for nothing but audible books and I can hear no difference with or without the use. It does not do anything but volume but it means that I can leave the Cowon in my pocket or in a protective case and still adjust the volume. If I get brave, I might try re-programming the buttons, but given that changing the clock seemed to dump all the books I had loaded, I am hesitant to get too creative when my needs are pretty simple.
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Originally Posted by jwb5th View Post
If I get brave, I might try re-programming the buttons,
You just go to "settings > general > user defined buttons" and change it, that doesn't exactly need any programming skills.

I'm absolutely sure it doesn't do anything to your files, even the awful DRM stuff.
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