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Default Sansa Presents: Windows Bantam

Microsoft in association with SanDisk

View and take pictures. Picture viewer gives you automatic touch-screen photo editing.

Listen and record audio. Also includes built in speakers.

Listen and record videos. Also includes webcam.

Allows easy file sharing and wireless printing

Wireless Internet:
Connect to the internet using your wireless router or use the...

Allows you to send and receive phone calls, as well as text messages and connect to the internet from anywhere on the planet.

Listen and Record Radio

With the new GeForce GoMini graphic card made exclusively for the Bantam, you can play games like Halo and Tetris. Also available for download: Gameboy Games and Roms and "Game Converter" which will install your Windows games onto the Bantam!

Movies and Shows:
Watch and record; the news, TV-shows and movies with the 10 Sansa Channels
-Toon Sansa (Cartoons)
-Sansa Theatre (Movies)
-Sansa Sports (Sports)
-Sansa Funnies (Comedy)
-Sansa News (News)
-Sansa Talk (Talk Shows)
-Sansa Drama (Soap Operas and other Late Night Dramas)
-Reality Sansa (Reality TV)
-Adult Sansa (Adult Swim)
-What's Up Sansa? (TV Guide)


Bantam Player:
Plays; Music, Videos, Radio and Photos.
Comes in 2GB and 4GB

Bantam Record:
Plays and Captures; Audio, Video, Photos and Radio
Comes in 4GB and 8GB

Bantam Connect:
Like the record only includes Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and Wireless Internet.
Comes in 8GB and 16GB

Satellite Bantam:
Like the record only includes Satellite TV and telephone services.
Comes in 8GB, 16GB and 30GB

Bantam Ultimate:
All the features in one.
Comes in 30GB, 60GB and 100GB
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you do knwo the competition is over?
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I know.
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lol.. this contest thread should be closed
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Nah, it's cool to see more stuff.
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Keep the entries coming! Even though its over its def cool to see more stuff...

nice work asteroid-man
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Thanks Enzo!
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