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Default Disappearing Audible Books

Four days into my new D2 (2.51) with nothing but books installed, I "looked" at the various settings while listening to a book. The only change I consciously made was to change the time setting for the unit. I continued to listen to the book after the change. The next time I turned on the player, all books were gone! I thought at first that it had lost the playlist and that perhaps this could be fixed through a built in utility such as iRiver Clix has. Could find no utility like that. When I finally got the opportunity to hook it back up to my computer, it appears that I had empty files. I deleted these and reloaded the books.

So my question . . . Did I do something fatal when browsing while operating? Does it get upset if you change the time setting while listening? If I leave my hands off of it in the future, will I never have the issue again or do I have to expect an occasional dump of my books? That would not make me a happy camper if that is the case.
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Are these Audible books subscription based, ie. do they require you to renew the license over time? In that case, it might have something to do with setting the clock while listening.

Audible support is a very new thing for Cowon, AFAIK no other player before the D2 ever supported that - it might still be buggy (next to many other features on the D2).
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Sorry I dont have time to do a search of the various forums (abi and iAudiophile) but I seem to remember the switching between MTP and MSC protocols could cause Audible not to be recognized. It's the opposite protocol which supports Podcasts I think.
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Default More on Audible

An subscription is not time sensitive so changing the clock should not have freaked it out. However, I suspect that this may be an "undocumented feature" of the Cowon D2 2.51 with Although this is a new feature for the Cowon D2, I must say that except for that incident, it seems to be working fine. It does not lose its way with multiple starts and stops and responds well to audible breakpoints. I also find that navigation with the touch screen is actually less hazardous than the iRiver rocking screen method.
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