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Originally Posted by MrGroover View Post
Any version will do, but be careful not to grab a TJ version... And if you already use a BW1 FW, you also have to downgrade to 1.11, 1.15 or 1.20.
Thanks I am going to spend a lot of time with my p2 after i come from school hehe

I live in the UAE and there was shortage of the YP-P2 from the store where i buy regularly from.

Anyways will report once I have done the firmware update and stuff.

A few more questions though:
Is downgrading dangerous
What are the odds of my p2 not being able to downgrade or upgrade
Is it necessary to drain the battery once u operate it for the first time
I read the manual(online manual when i didnt own the p2 ) and I think I read that it should not be overcharged, what happens if u do overcharge(i got a charger btw)

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