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Default Slyde

The image is in this format, if you don't look at this first it'll look all wrong:

The orthographic sketch (not scaled):

GIMP MOCKUPS (to scale):
Shot 1 (Shows screen in widescreen format, side surface (slider interface) and the top (power, hold & mic)):

Shot 2 (Shows screen, other side surface (Vol. buttons, Play/Pause etc.) and bottom (headphone/line in + Usb connector)):

Shot 3 (Shows the back surface (with the removable panel for sd card insertion and battery replacement) and the bottom surface):

The player's features include:
  • 16:9 screen (100 x 56.25mm).
  • Tactile scroller.
  • Dedicated: Volume Up/Down, Play/Pause, Stop, Select, Menu, Power On/Off and Hold switches/buttons.
  • An "Add To Playlist" button, allowing users to add songs to the "Now Playing" playlist (next or at the end of the current list) or any other playlist.
  • A "Rotate" button, for videos and pictures. I added this because I hate viewing pictures on iTouch etc. where a picture is sideways due to the camera's position at the time of capture, and when the user tries to look at it the right way around, (by turning the player), the picture flips, still infuriatingly the wrong direction.
    It also functions to switch between Artist, Album, Playlist etc. nodes while browsing music.
  • SD Card support.
  • User replaceable rechargeable battery.
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wifi for wireless synching and headphones.
  • Built-in Mic (I forgot to label it, it's beside the hold switch on the pic).
  • Line in via the headphone jack for recording.
  • Drag 'n' Drop compatible and/or optional software (WinAmp, MediaMonkey etc) support via a free, downloadable addon from manufacturers site.
  • Built in EQ with user customisable EQ settings.
  • Initially supports MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, OGG, MPEG, AVI, DIVX, however other codecs can simply be added by placing them in a \Player\Settings\Codecs\ Folder.
  • Gapless Playback.
  • During audio playback, screen shuts off when Hold is enabled (playback is continued) to save battery (Option to disable).
Well I hope you like it.


(With a 'y' on purpose "fur teh 1337ness!!!")
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Clearly my imaging skills are far outweighed by nearly everyone else in the cosmos, but any crit for the concept?
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Hm... problems that I can think of... first the design is very boxy and not very interesting, form wise. Maybe make it slightly round at the corners, that would at least make it more comfortable. Then the placement of the buttons... they don't look tactile (only pressure sensitive) and are all the same, placed at the same distance... etc. I would try to place them in a way that they can be easily located without looking at the device, the user should be able to feel where what is. You could make the volume buttons touch sensitive too, but at the same time one should be able to press them and get a tactile feedback. The buttons seem to be placed on the wrong side. I think it would make sense to have the slider on the right side so you can use it with the thumb, while the fingers on the left side press the buttons. Maybe place the headphone jack at the bottom, so you can simply put the device into a pocket, and when you want you just put your hand in there and can simply use the player in the pocket. I hope it's clear what I mean. In order for that to make sense you should also relocate the hold button.
But I think your basic idea of relocating all the buttons to the sides makes sense, it increases screen estate without having to use a touchscreen (usually awful for blind usage) and makes the device holdable and usable with one hand... good when it's cold or you only have one hand free.

Just my 2 cents.
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^Thanks, but that was actually what i was aiming at.
The idea was the thumb controlled the "slider" and the index, middle and ring fingers were left to operate other functions.
Maybe my pictures didnt wuite convey this though
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