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Originally Posted by Songokuu View Post
First is that when I'm in plugin backlight is turning off very quickly but in settings I chose "still on".
You mean "Backlight while in plugin"? It is a known bug. The patch apply cleanly, but it doesn't work any more due to some changes in Rockbox. I have to take a look at the code.

Second - sometimes the screen is going all white, but sansa does't freez, I just have too push the wheel and everything is back to normal. That happens in various sittuations. (plugin, video, skipping tracks).
This problem I don't have. Have anyone else encountered this?

Pictureflow is awsome (I have some problem with it but I think problem is in my mp3 tags)
I tried it out and I hated it. Like I have suspected, I can't imagine myself flipping through more than a hand full of albums. I find it a usability nightmare.



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