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Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
A 5.xx firmware? I thought they only go up to 4!

I do have the DT770/80, and like with other phones I leave the EQ neutral. Only BBE at level 1 and M3B at level 5. That sounds good to me.

A good EQ hint for you might be to use negative values instead of positive ones - that prevents distortion and clipping. For example, if you want to boost bass and treble don't use +6 0 0 +2 +3, but use 0 -6 -6 -4 - 3 instead.

The preset EQ settings from Cowon are pretty insane, they are way too extreme... not exactly what I call a "subtle" adjustment.
Hehe, if u check the japanese pages, you'll find a 5.53 fw version for the D2 with TV. Their FW started at 5.50 so there has not been much development.

Yea I've noticed that if u try to turn the equilizer up the sound gets too "mighty". I'll try tip as well! Thanks!
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