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This one's a winner for me. I especially like the way the screen fits around the controls. Plus, the screen seems to be a full 30 characters wide, as per the original ID3v1 specification, meaning less annoying scrolling and better battery life because the screen can be blanked earlier. Good to see FLAC support too, it should be standard issue these days, no excuses. That screen won't be cheap but hey, it looks chic. Done deal!

No mention of an FM radio? Better still, this player should have a DAB+ receiver built-in, since you're already paying for the AAC codec. With timer recording, of course. Oh yes, I will want one of these in a year or two.

The only part I'm not convinced about is the heat-sensitive controls. Cold fingers and gloves will frustrate these.

Four ounces is 113 grams, right? I believe you will make this player in about half of that mass, using existing technology.

Nice work.
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