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Default Contest: Metron

Unit Name:Metron

3.5in Glass Screen
Full Aluminum Body
micro SDHC Slot
30Hr Battery for Audio, 6hr for Video
Stero External Speaker
Fm Tuner 20 Preset
Built in Mic
Audio Codec:MP3, ACC, WMA, FLAC, OGG
Video Codec:AVI(Divx, Xvid) H.264, MPEG4 up to 640x480 at 30fps
up to 32GB Flash
Standard USB over UMS protocol
Built in Wifi
Built in Bluetooth
User Replacable Battery

The Metron was design to be a cross between a conventional Digital Audio Player and a Portable Media Player. The idea is to make a player with an elegant surface without too much distraction , without making it a touch screen. The result is that all the controls are on the sides rather than the front. This allows a person to use it with one hand with ease while still making the controls simple.
On the right side of the player, we have a touch strip with depressable button on the ends, a lifting the cover reveals the micro SD slot, and the battery slot. The touch strip is small, but the faster a one flicks it, the faster the player will scroll. The top of the touch strip is pressable, and by pressing it, it will go to the playlist of the currently playing song. By pressing and holding it, it will go back to the main menu. The bottom of the touch strip is also pressable. Pushing it will go to the next track and pressing and holding the button will seek the current track.

The right side of the player have a magnetic slide cover to protect the micro SDHC slot and the user replaceable battery. Simply push the groove a little upward, and the magnet will snap the cover into the player and will grant access to the micro sd slot and the battery. To cover it again, simply push down on the groove and the magnet will snap the cover back into place. Think of the feeling as using a slider phone, but instead of a up and down motion, it is "opening a mail box" feeling but the cover will be in the player.

The left side of the player complimentr the right side as it include two button at the same place as the right side's pressable touch strip.

The top button is used as an "option" button. If a user is listening to music, pressing this button will take the user to a music option, where as if the user is watching a video, it will take the user to a video option. Holding this button will serve as a hold and unhold function when it is press with another button(if the option button is held, and the user pushes the menu button, then the player will activate the hold funtion. Doing so again will unhold it). If desire, the user can set up special set of buttom funtions that works while in hold mode. If a user feel that changing volume is needed while the player is in hold, then the user can set it up where holding the bottom button and pushing the top button will increase volume, and holding top button while pushing the bottom button will decrease the volume, Another exmaple of such setup is during hold mode, a user can hold the bottom button on the left side of the player and pushing the bottom touch strip to skip track foward, and holding the bottom touch strip and pushing the bottom button on the left og the player to go to previous track.
The bottom button of the left side of the player serves as the previous button. Pushing it once will go back to the beginning of the track, twice rapidly will skip back track, and holding the button will seek backward in the track.

The back of the player is full aluminum. Since I designed this player based on a metronome, I decided to put in a stand there. The stand is magnetic, so it will not flop around and flipping it up will lock the stand into position by another magnet so the stand is sturdy. while watching a movie with a friend, or if the user want to just set it down.

The bottom of the player is the home to the 3.5mm jack where a user can plug in their headphone. Next to the headphone jack, a slide cover protect the line in and out / Video out jack. The player support Video out if te user wants to share photos on a tv, or use it as a line out when using a portable amp, and line in when recording. Next to the jack is a standard USB mini jack. The jack is USB2.0 and it can be used to sync, and charge the player.

The top of the player houses two mini speakers, and the mic. The speakers are good enough to fill up a small quite room, and it is activated when there is no headphone or line our sources connected.

The GUI: The GUI is the basic kind that everyone knows and love. The main menu compose of Music, photo, video, Setting, Recording, Radio, Internet, and Now Playing. The "next" is used to advance into the menu and "prvious" button is used to go back one step. The user flick(or flick to the bottom of the touch strip and keep the finger/tumb there to acellerate even faster) to scroll through the menu, and can also tap the strip to select it. The Now playing screen will comprise of the Album art, the time bar follow by Artist, Album, then song. As for the last 3 lines, it is up to the user to put in what they want.

Wifi and bluetooth: The Matron do not have a broswer, but instead, it is able to use wifi to connect to a computer to sync, or stream contents from ones PC or Mac. The bluetooth is used to bluetooth speakers, headphone, and even phone. the player is able to to infrom the user when they receive a call, and the user can use the player's mic to respond to a phone call.
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