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Better codec support doesn't necessarily mean a better device. The A3 does pretty much have every codec under the sun, but you're going to pay $399 for 60GB, compared to $399 for 160GB with the Archos 605. The plugins are a little pricey: $30 for the web browser, $20 for the cinema plugin and $20 for the podcast plugin, but out of the box it does play back .wmv and divx and xvid encoded .avi files. Personally, I never liked the miniature joystick navigation with the A2, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like it with the A3. And I like the fact that the 605's wifi capabilities allow me to stream videos, music, and photos off my hard drive onto the 605 (the web browser is not required for that). It's just personal preference really, and I have yet to run into any problem with anime in .mkv format (which the Archos does not support). I'm always able to find what I'm looking for in avi.
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