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Originally Posted by WalkGood View Post
Agreed, the clip has excellent SQ over many daps on the market today, certainly blows away my e200 series... I've been testing it as a source w/woo6 amp and listening on HD650's, no tweaking sounds awesome Just don't forget to throw away the included ear buds.

I haven't heard any improvement in SQ with the Clip since throwing out the Sansa buds. I am using Shure E4c with mine & have never even unwraped the provided buds. I took your advice & threw the Sansa buds in the trash, but I didn't hear any change in SQ of the unit.
OK, Just to add my 2 cents, I am very pleased with the sound of the Clip. Compared to the Sansa E250, Samsung K5 & S5, the Clip sounds great! I think the Samsungs sound better than the E250 & hold their own against many of the more expensive units out there. BTW The Clip will fit in the case provided with the E4c phones with the phones in there too! It's a very nice package. I will be traveling with it for the next month, so I appreciate the physical size.
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