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I guess you'll be fine with the JVC's. After all, the DRM'ed files from subscription services usually have lower bitrates, which kind of defeat the purpose of getting expensive buds or IEMs.
I honestly don't know the difference, because I've never taken it upon myself to learn the difference. I think that at this point, I would rather learn that difference in the hopes of enjoying music more than remain blissfully unaware.

So should I go up to the CrossRoads MylarOnes? I don't want to spend too very much, but I'm willing to make a decent investment, because I can't learn anything about audio quality on poor headphones. I know that this is an inherently subjective question, but, how much difference is there when moving up from what $30 to $50 to $80 can buy in the world of IEMs?

Having a reasonable amount of internal memory is interesting because it saves power (reading from the SD/SDHC card consumes more battery juice than reading from the internal memory).
Interesting indeed. Could you in any way quantify it? Say, any idea how many fewer hours from a full battery? And is the effect more pronounced in video playback, or simply overshadowed by the increased power consumption of the other hardware?

Yeah, it's a PlaysForSure device if you want: you can choose between MSC (it behaves like a thumb drive) or MTP (you can sync tunes through WMP11, MediaMonkey, Wimamp and other MTP-compliant apps). I've read on that Yahoo! Music works fine with it.
I know that the D2 can operate in MTP mode, and I believe that Rhapsody, my service of choice, uses MTP for its client app. Just I can find no references to the DRM scheme's support in reviews, specs, or marketing. However, if Yahoo! Music works fine with it, then I see no reason Rhapsody shouldn't.

It must be a difference of market demographics. A Sansa would have its support plastered about to reassure consumers, while a more, erm, technically-oriented product might shy away from any DRM references.

The finish is matte (not shiny) on the outer body, and silver on the rest of the body.
So I take it the matte body is decently scratch-resistant? Good. And I hear the DX screen protectors are the way to go. Do they noticeably affect video viewing or touchscreen use? I'd hate to have them shipped only to find I couldn't stand it.

...and the files should have a better quality / size ratio than the e200 Series, due to codec limitations on the latter with the original firmware.
Odd, it was my understanding that those limitations were because of the limited hardware on the little thing. Did Rockbox improve the video capabilities any? I'm intrigued.

I realized that asking about filesizes was silly; I'll just grab some software and encode some stuff to see for myself.
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