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Default YP-Z5 MP3 Tagging?

Newbie here and still trying to find my way round, but can anyone help please...

I've got all my tracks tagged using the MP3Tag program and it works fine except for a few funnies..

I've got a load of "Killers" tracks which the MP3 Artist etc flag as "The Killers" however when looking on the Z5 list they display in Artists where K would be?? yet "The Levellers" etc display at T... Any ideas...

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Can only suggest checking the artist tag and the album artist tag.
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I have the same kind of problem (Z5F)
I made the mistake of switching then artist and title tag.
Found out on the samsung. Corrected in windows, transferred again.
Still no good on the samsung!!! Perfect on Windows.

It's if the z5f is caching the tag-info.
Try a reset of the player (!)
Or else: restart with "clean" mp3's (without any tags)

Looks like a Samsung bug to me...
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I eventually found this....

Was actually caused by the Z5 using an MP3 tag field of "Band" rather than "Artist" so whatever I changed in Artist was having no effect...

Now by using MP3Tag you can update one, then refresh the other so that both are the same and hey-presto no more Killers and The killers...

(Sorry this may be a duplicate post as I didnt realise I'd typed into the wrong one so apologies)
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I think I have the same problem..

Some of my tracks are listed as having artist "The Rolling Stones", while others leave "The" out (both are alphabetically sorted under the R though). I'm using MediaMonkey.. both the artist and album artist fields are the same for all tracks, I haven't seen a band field anywhere. It works in MM and in explorer, but not on the player. Deleting and syncing doesn't help. So how did you solve this?

By the way, the player isn't the only one confused here.. what are they called officially?
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