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Default dis-AA [VP]

this is another theme with viewport support and 175x175(!) AA from me.


i achieved a maxed out AA by swapping the trackinfo in the lower part with the "next track" info after 10 seconds (and swapping back after additional 5 seconds).

notice that the "next" section of the track info displays after 10 seconds, thus it makes sense to set the backlight timeout to at least 15 seconds if you like to see this info regularly :-)

viewports-wps-v2 is needed from 1.3 on because of the relative coordinates for the bmp's!

#4733 multifont >=080122
#5697,albumart + s-defaultpatch

tested with:
special build in real and sim

notice regarding the "official" VP-Builds:
aa will then be centered in the 145x145 square.
fonts will be reverted to system default font for 1.2
in 1.1 the "big" font is the menu font and the "small" font is system default

1.0 (2008-01-10):
initial release
1.1 (2008-01-11):
rearranged wps file a bit, cleanup
version bump to make it similar to dis-wps-vp
LAST version to support builds without multifont support (userfont 2+3 needed!)
LAST version with d-flag for AA.
1.2 (2008-01-26):
use userfont 2+3 instead 0+1
use aa default tag for sizing (instead of d. use s=default patch for aa to display fullsize)
1.3 (2007-03-17):
working with viewports-wps-v2 ONLY (bmp-coordinates relative to vp)
version 1.1 dropped from download

this theme is renamed to simpleAA and will be maintained at the WPS gallery of from now on.
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File Type: png dis-aa-vp-wps-next.png (51.3 KB, 319 views)
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my wps's for rockboxed sansa-E:
normal with viewports
maxed out AA with viewports
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