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Smile Help With Rockbox Basics

I have a e260 and an e280 ver.1 and continue to read about rockbox on this forum. I know nothing about rockbox, so could someone be so kind as to explain the basics of rockbox. What is it? What can it do for the e200 that the sandisk firmware can't do? Is it better than the standard firmware? Finally, if it's really better than the standard firmware, how do I install it?

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First of all, rockbox is an alternative firmeware for DAP's, also the Sansa. It features some more audio codecs the original firmware can not play, mpeg video so you don't have to use that crappy quicktime and video files are much smaller in filesize than with quicktime. There are also a lot of plugins like tools and games for rockbox. But the best way to find out is to try out, there are many guides on installing in this forum. To decide wether it is better or not is your own topic.
Give it a try^^

For more Info, read the FAQ
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How about ?
Rockbox digibuild
Player: SanDisk Sansa e200
Firmware: Rockbox digibuild
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Thanks for the inputs. I've learned that most technical sites are designed for the already knowledgable and not for the uninformed. After going to the referenced sites, I"m not sure I still understand it all, but I'm going to try to install rockbox on my e260 and see what happens. I'll let you know how it all turns out. I'll hold off on the newer e280, just in case it all goes south.

Thanks again,
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Yes, please follow up and let us know how it went. I'll bet that you'll be pleasantly surprised with Rockbox.

The installation is pretty straightforward, but please be sure to carefully follow the instructions on the Rockbox site. It's probably a good idea to download the manual and review the installation portion a couple of times before you attempt it.
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no, I would say the opposite. Don't get over-stressed with it, just download one program, run it press I, copy one folder over to your sansa... and bingo! one rockboxed e200
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Thanks again for the input. I have loaded Rockbox into the root directory
(e260), as well as, loaded Rockbox Loader. When I push pwr on the player loads Rockbox. When I want Sansa firmware, I can hold the left (rew) button and then push pwr and on it comes on.

So far I don't know what it does or how to use it. I have downloaded the manual, but it isn't an easy read. One thing I do like is the ability to increase the size of the font. Right now, I'm only interested in music on my player and not games or video, so the Sansa firmware works better for me. After I learn more about Rockbox, I might change my mind.
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