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Default Adding a single option to the default database menu

Hi guys,

Can someone help with how to add a single new item to the default tagnavi.config main databse menu.

I don't want to create a complete new tagnavi file with the entire navigation defined i just want to add the advanced Podcasts sample from the rockbox manual to the main menu and not to the "custom view" submenu.

Thanks in advance

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Just copy the whole tagnavi_config into the tagnavi_custom.config and make your changes. Don't forget to delete the line with %include.
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Actually, that won't work. If you want to completely redefine the menu in tagnavi_custom (like you would be doing if you copied it over), you need to remove the include as kugel said AND you need to add a line at the end that is something like "root_menu: tagnavi_custom.config". This tells it to overwrite the default. I don't think that's exactly the right syntax though. You need to look at the wiki page. Or look at the last line on the example tagnavi_custom file since that uses it.
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