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Default Help install m3u2pla playlist converter patch

hello i would like to install this patch that converts rockbox playlists into playlists the original firmware can read. after a lot of research, i still don't know how so if someone could do a little step by step tutorial, it would be very much appreciated.

here is where the patch is found

i would like the latest version at the bottom of the page "sansa_playlist_converter_V3.3.diff"

Thank you very much
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Use cpchan's custom build. It includes that patch.

If you really want to do it yourself, you need to get a development environment set up using cygwin or linux so you can compile rockbox from the source code.
Here is your step-by-step:

The easy way is to use a custom build.
Rockbox digibuild
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i thought it was easier than that. i thought it was just a matter of adding the .diff or .patch file to a directory in the .rockbox folder ( or maybe a little more than just that). i guess i will use cpchan's build as it seems the easiest way.

i could compile from source as i use ubuntu linux along with windows xp but i just dont have time to setup a development environment and learn how to use it.

thank you
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