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Default My clip keeps freezing no matter what I do

OK, so I bought the 2GB Clip, plugged it into my mac, and dumped a couple of songs on it. I ejected and disconnected it, and it worked fine. Then it turned off and said the battery was low, so I plugged it back in. After a few minutes I looked at it and realized it was frozen. I turned it off and back on, and all that came up was the Sandisk screen.

I tried to reset it by pushing the power button up for awhile, but it still froze when it came back on.

I did the thing where you put it in hold and push the button while you're plugging it in, and when I do that I can still see it and drag files back and forth just fine, but when I unplug it it's still locked.

I tried to upgrade the firmware off of a PC. It seems to have locked on the "Firmware upgrade is in progress" screen. I tried dumping the .bin file into the root, and it behaved the same way.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe the version.sdk file or one of the others is corrupt, or one of the few MP3s I put on there had something that screwed it up, but I've never known that to happen. I'm at the point of wanting to send the darn thing back to the company. Anyone got any ideas?

Your help would be much appreciated.
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I think if You purchased it in a few days especially today, then the best thing to do is to take it back, they should give You a new one.
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I've seen the Clip get into a state where it will lock up while refreshing its database. I'm pretty sure it encounters something in its flash that it can't deal with, like a malformed playlist or music file.

What I did was to connect it in MSC mode and reformat it from Windows Explorer. Not sure how you would do that on a Mac.
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On a Mac, it would revert to MSC anyway, so it should be easy formatting the Clip.
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I had the exact same problem with my Clip. Here is how I solved it.

I connected the Clip to a PC running Windows XP. I opened the System control panel, clicked the "Hardware" tab, opened "Device Manager", expanded "Universal Serial Bus controllers", and found that the Clip was listed as "unknown" or something. I right-clicked, selected "Uninstall".

Then I restarted the Clip, enabled "Hold" on the clip, held down the center button, and connected to the PC again. This time it's recognized properly as a USB device.

Be careful; on my PC I already have a network drived mapped to "F:" and it seems like the Clip wants to use F: as well. Windows got pretty confused about this so I unmounted F: and logged back into Windows - this time the Clip was recognized as such and was browsable.

Then i right-clicked on the Clip and formatted as FAT (not FAT32).

Then I copied the firmware into the Clip using the method described in this forum's stickies.

It took a LONG time (more than 1/2 hr) to the upgrade to happen, but eventually the Clip turned off. When I restarted, it was working perfectly.

Now I'm going to try to figure out the best way to manage this with my Mac.

I would suggest using Blue Harvest - - to keep the clip free of .DS_Store and other hidden OS X files.

I would also always, always make sure you eject the Clip before unplugging it. My failure to do this is the reason I ended up doing all the above.
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Failure to eject the clip on the Mac doesn't always cause the trouble fortunately, but it has for me once too. I also just reformatted on the PC in Vista and that solved it even without the firmware upgrade.

You would think the Mac would be smart enough to realize that it shouldn't be placing those invisible Mac files on PC formatted disks but it does. Oh well. So far it hasn't seemed to cause me any trouble. I have the kids use USB wall chargers since they have a good chance of forgetting to eject the volume.
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