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Originally Posted by PromisedPlanet View Post
Consistency is definitely important but I like the fact that hitting any button activates the display. This is useful when the backlight has gone off, and you want to quickly see what song is playing. I could see this being firmware-settable.

Wishlist items for me:
1) Supply default values for blank tag fields (maybe "Unknown"?), so songs with blank tag fields can be added to database.
2) Yes! MSC mode selectable via firmware.
3) Option to set backlight to "always on." Why not?
As for keeping the backlight on all the time, here is a quote from the official Sandisk Clip Forum:

"Our Sansa Clips have OLED displays that wear out much quicker than backlit LCD displays, so keeping it on all the time would probably not be the best idea. (5000 hours, or about 208 days always on is the lifespan of typical OLED displays, and blue pixels are said to wear out the quickest)"

In an answer to another question about leaving the clip plugged into a USB port for extended periods of time, it was stated that although this would not harm the battery, the clock would be ticking on the OLED display's limited lifetime.

You can't really answer this question without knowing the expected lifetime of the battery itself, which has more to do with the number of charge / discharge cycles than with hours of operation. Leaving the backlight on all the time would presumably force you to recharge your Clip more often, and therefore shorten the overall life expectancy of the device itself. ( I'm assuming that once the battery fails, it will be time to re-cycle the product.)

Suggested improvements?

> Save the OLED display by having it turn off after a few minutes when plugged into a USB port. Inform users that it should never take more than 3 hours to fully recharge their Clip and tell them how to check the condition of the battery via the "Properties" window.

> Upon removal from a USB port, the device should assume an OFF state. There is no reason why the device should power up by itself when unplugged from a charger. This is especially true if it was locked in the OFF position when placed in the charger.

> It would be nice to change the FM reception mode from stereo to mono directly from within the Radio option menu without having to exit the radio and going to the Settings menu to do this. Although with this radio there seems to be very little difference between Stereo & Mono, the mono mode usually greatly reduces the noise level on weak stations.

> Expand the Options under the PRESS & HOLD menu to include "Add Preset"
"Stereo / Mono"
"Delete Song"
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