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Originally Posted by senab View Post
I'd have rewrote the whole thing in time but if G.I.Joe is doing it, theres no point doing it twice. I would like to help write it though (if you want the help that is).
Sure, I can always use some help Just tell me your SourceForge account name and I'll add you to the project.
I'm almost done with the first search engines (Amazon UK, US, FR, DE, JP and Although Amazon's Java API sucks (still have to rip the images from the products' HTML pages), they turned out quite fast and stable (getting 50 results takes about 13 seconds, which already includes downloading the medium size images that are used for saving).
It's pretty easy to add new search engines, the one for SeekACover took me about 1,5 hours.
I'll check in the source code to SourceForge once I've finished most parts of the GUI and cleaned up the code a bit. I think a first release can be expected in the next 3-5 weeks.
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