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Default codecs and power usage

sorry if this has been asked i searched but couldnt see anything, does the codec in use significantly affect battery drain? (codecs i have in mind are mp3, ogg, wavpack and flac).

my reason for asking is i recently put around 2gig/6 cd's of music on my sansa in flac format because i couldn't be bothered transcoding them and flac managed to achieve a very good compression ratio on them but i was wondering if i would be better off replacing them with another format.
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I would like to know the same. Which audio format will achieve the best battery life?
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Look at the H10 results since they use almost the same CPU.

Codecs faster then ~300% realtime don't save any additional power as they get faster, but slower ones do as they approach that point.
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Remember also that filesize is very important on disk players. Once you get past the 300% or so mark, the smaller the files, the better (generally speaking, assuming you don't skip forward often, or much).

On flash players such as the Sansa, you can expect somewhat different results than the H10 just because power consumption for buffering will be different. That being said, it simply makes the % realtime much more the deciding factor.
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