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Default YP T8 Rockbox Question

can anyone point me in the direction of a rockbox firmware for the yp t8. Is there even one. Is anyone trying to make one? Can anyone make one because this is one hell of a device and i would like to have rockbox on it. Also i was looking for the 1.39 firmware if anyone can provide a direct link to a zip file perhaps. Also what is the difference between the sm3 and th kr version. I would really like a rockbox port for this so can anyone please make it if it isn't there already

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Rockbox has never been developed for the T8 and it unlikely that a group would begin work on it now that the T9 and T10 have come out. I can give you links to firmware versions 1.39 and 1.39 SM3. I know that SM3 is an alternate firmware made to celebrate a Renault-Samsung partnership, but I'm not sure what's different about it exactly.
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thanks for the response. It is too bad no one will write a port for the t8. I would love to see that happen. Although i suppose youre right. If there are newer models available, people are more likely to port for them. I still have my fingers crossed though
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