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- gapless playback
- a shuffle function that will play through a set of songs without repeating tracks
- a sensible, logical way to build 'go' lists - the current method is silly, cumbersome and pretty much useless. Why do I have to start playing a song before I can add it to a list?
- ability to save and name multiple 'go' lists
- fix the duplication of entries in the 'Artists' category when you have different songs from the same artist in a mix of WMA and MP3 format (ex: Joe Blow - Album A in WMA and Joe Blow - Album B in MP3 results in 2 'Joe Blow' entries in the 'Artists' section)

the things above deal with playing music - something the player should excel at. Little nits like these are one of the reasons why Sandisk can produce a device that has more features, better sound, better design and a lower price than competing Apple products, but still can't make a dent in Apple's sales. The primary function of playing music has got to be perfect.

Now, some of my personal nits that have nothing to do with playing music:

- SansaUpdater is silly - as some one else mentioned, why in the world would I want a program running all the time that used once or twice a year?
- support OOG
- Better support for non-MS OS's - ex: better consistency between MTP and MSC connections, published specs for playlists, os independent way to update firmware, etc. heck - write a sync module for Amarock or something.
- make the power button solid. The rattle makes the player feel cheap - which it is - but it still compares poorly to Apple
-ability to rotate the screen display
-'matte' screen to reduce fingerprints and increase visibility outdoors
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