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Exclamation Sansa Connect for only $130? What?

Sorry if this is old but is this right?
Sansa Connect for only $130 and no Mail in Rebate and a free promotion of Napster?

man this and the give-aways I've seen... where is all the profit?
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I guess most stores are trying to get rid of the Connect. Shame, that. Still, the prices is nice for what you get (as long as you like Yahoo's music selection...). I believe I recently saw one of these at the local Wal-Mart for $150, and has them for the same. Quite comparable in price to the latest iPod Nano, yet with all the coolness of Wi-Fi.

Still, the e280 at is the same price for twice the storage. Agh, what a dilemma. Good thing I don't have the moolah, eh?
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Actually they could probably sell them at about $85 and still make a profit. Things like those have a production cost wayyyy lower than the retail price. The iPhone 8gb cost ~$200 to make and sold for $600(at the start) and now $400. on the first day it was out Steve Jobs made about $2 000 000 US!!!
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I actually bought a Sansa Connect for US 100.00 a few weeks ago at my local Fry's Electronics in Las Vegas.

Brand New!
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Since Yahoo has removed their to-go service from their site, it could mean the Connect won't work much longer with the service.
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Originally Posted by Slaughter View Post
Since Yahoo has removed their to-go service from their site, it could mean the Connect won't work much longer with the service.
Would be a bummer for the Yahoo Music To Go subscribers.

Would be nice, though, if after that we got a firmware upgrade which let the Connect work with Rhapsody.
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