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Default Sansa Clip feature request list

For me, the Clip would be 100% better if it had these features:
  1. File/folder browsing (besides the obnoxious ID3 browsing, which doesn't work for people with a large variety of music genres or "various artists" albums)
  2. Pan/balance (since I don't hear all that well on my left ear - and I know at least two other people who would appreciate this function as well)
  3. A better weighted volume scale (the lowest volume setting is far too loud to be useful in quiet surroundings) Fixed in 1.01.20
  4. First click shouldn't activate the display but should immediately execute the desired function (for the "home" and "down" button - for the "up (play/pause)" and "left/right (skip)" buttons it works like it should)
  5. FFWD/REW with sound - and adjustable FFWD/REW speed
  6. Get rid of Sansa Updater: who in their right mind designs an updater program that runs all the time as a background process? (Firmware direct download available here!)
  7. Support for free open source codecs like Ogg Vorbis and FLAC Ogg Vorbis added in 1.01.29, FLAC added in 1.01.30
  8. MSC/MTP user selectable (why not make it permanent, since everybody knows about the hold/center trick already?) Fixed in 1.01.18
  9. Keep the tracks' play count in the database/tags(?) - like Cowon, Creative, or Zune players (so the Clip works with Zenses for scrobbling)
  10. Separate Audiobooks and Podcasts into it's own section on the browsing menu by using Audiobooks and Podcasts as ID3 genre (like on the Fuze) Added in 1.01.29
  11. More options to customize the center button's function (like EQ, sleep timer, ...)
  12. Gapless playback
  13. Stopwatch/timer
  14. Option to switch between elapsed and remaining time during playback
  15. When browsing songs/artists/albums etc, left/right button should allow for jumping through the lettes of the alphabet like on Sony players. Current functionality of buttons could be remapped to holding down the buttons for a second

Add your requests, and let's hope someone from SanDisk reads this thread.

I know each and every of these points are available in Rockbox... well, if SanDisk doesn't fix these things I sure hope there's a Rockbox port somewhere in the future of the Clip.

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