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Default 2 questions about rockbox

i updated my rockbox last week because it got a bit crazy.i think that it was because the mi4 was corrupted or something. anyway, when i updated it i noticed that the "now playing" option shows the main WPS background and a few words about the song and the volume. before i updated it showed other background inside the "now playing" area and more information. for example, i used the acotil WPS and in the "now playing" area it showed in the bottom icons like those in WMP and in the middle it showed the next song. i think it happened because they added the option for album art. how can i switch it back?
another problem i have is that i forgot how to make the "down" button show the playlists menu when i press it on a file or folder. i used to add folders to the playlist this way and now i forgot how to make this option avalible. right now when i press this button it takes me to the main menu. how can i activate this option?
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the newest rockbox updates have new button mapping. you can now get to that 'now playing menu' by holding the middle button for about 2-3 seconds.

as far as the wps changing, i'm kinda unhappy with that too, but i haven't done anything about it yet. you can look for a new theme, or change your own wps settings (not sure how myself, but i know there are directions out there).

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