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Default Universal Belt Clip for the Zen, T400, and more!

Last week I was killing some time at Wal-Mart and I noticed this phone holster that was designed to fit the Razr line of cell phones.

The price was only $9.88 (sku# 087261600522) so I decided to try it out with my Toshiba T400. Here's my review:

Construction and Design

There's nothing groundbreaking here... after all it's just a belt clip! It is, however, sheathed entirely in leather and its sewn together very well via white stitching. To prevent scratches, the inside of the holster is lined entirely by smooth felt.

The rear of the holster features a non-removable belt clip that can be slid over any type of thin material, e.g. a belt, shirt, jeans. It is NOT a clothespin design -- It's a money clip desgn, but tighter (Think of the belt clip you find on cheap sunglass cases). Here's what it looks like with my T400:

The belt clip also features a ratchet swivel design which can be easily rotated to a North/South position (like the pic above) or an East/West position as shown below:

The East/West position is ideal for the Creative Zen due to its landscape orientation. I don't own a Zen, but I'm certain it will fit because the T400 has a nearly identical form factor (Its only slightly longer than the Zen). The ratchet design can also be rotated along a diaganol axis:


Since the T400 and Zen are both credit card sized devices, there's a fingertip sized width between the upper lip and the power switch -- This makes it easy to turn on and off without removing it from the holster. More importantly, there is plenty of room for the mini USB port and any type of headphone plug.

The belt clip design is a welcome alternative to taking a DAP in and out of your pocket. Depending on the fit of your pants (and the size of your belly), the holster is easy enough to tilt upwards so that you can see the screen and navigate the controls w/o removing the belt clip or the player. Another important benefit is that it prevents the possibility of incidental scratches from other items that inhabit a pocket, i.e. keys, spare, change, etc. If you wear your shure untucked, it also acts as a natural screen protector.

Even though this is an unintended third party accessory, I personally think it looks taylor made for credit card sized devices. More importantly, I am happy to report that the sides of the holster do NOT obstruct any part of the screen.

This also looks good with slightly larger DAP's such as the Samsung P2:

It shold be noted that the P2 slides over the top lip and the volume buttons and hold switch are covered up by the sides of the holster. You can still access the power button and use up and down gestures to compensate for volume controls.

Due to the similar form factor with the Razr, the Insignia Pilot should fit this case quite nicely in the East/West position! I'm not sure about access to the side controls so your mileage may vary...

Final Thoughts

Creative has a similar product for the Zen, but the holster is replaced by a silicone case. I like this option better because it shows off the natural beauty of a DAP. It's also a lot easier to slide in and out, rather than peeling off a rubbery case.

Another hidden benefit of the belt clip is that it can be propped up on a table in a horizontal position for viewing slideshows and videos!

All in all, I think this is a great deal for an accessory that costs less than 10 bucks!
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