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Default Rockbox alternatives?

I have a sansa e260r, and apparently, it's much more difficult/risky to get rockbox on a Rhapsody player than on the normal e200. So I was wondering, is there another program to use to change the firmware on an e200r?
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Not that i know of. Perhaps you can use the info provided by the ROCKbox devs to create your own.
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Any alternative would be just as complicated to install, anyway. It's not like we picked a difficult install process intentionally...
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I have installed Rockbox to my e280R with the first way with Linux and e200tool. I thought it was hard, but it was not bad at all. Since I did it already, I have not tried the new steps.
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When I first installed RB on my e200 I thought it was really hard but really it's as easy as cutting a apple.
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