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Default Music chip used in the new Zune?

Anyone know what the new Zune uses for a music chip? Is it the same as last year's model? Or same as other players like the Sansa?

Wondering if the sound quality has changed...


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Enzo will crack the new Zune open pretty soon, I'm fairly sure about that. Keep an eye on the front page.
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I think the music quality has a fairly noticeable difference on the OLD Zunes (most likely due to firmware update, I can't think of any other reason for it...).

On the New Zunes, they should also have a good audio quality difference compared to the older ones....SHOULD.
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In the battery life faq on one of the zune pages, it says playing wma files will use less battery life than mp3 files. I don't know if that helps answer your question.
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Looking at the Rapid Repair dissassembly guide of the Zune 8, I know it uses a Wolfson 83506, I believe its safe to assume the 80 uses the same chip. The Zune 30s use what seems to be a later model chip, the Wolfson 8978G.
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