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Originally Posted by rubennyc View Post
I won't be, but that's mainly because I already have a 12 GB micro-drive vibez. Are the flash ones in stock anywhere, yet? So far, I've only seen them mentioned on some European online-stores but with no solid arrival date.

No sign of 'em at any of the normal US outlets (J&R, B&H).

I'm personally most interested in a firmware upgrade that I hope will come along with it.

The USA probably a roblem. I'm in Europe and I'm following the news on the site where first appeared with the shipping date of 30 november, but now changed to 8-14 days. So I believe it is true.

I see Your point but... I do not believe in a firmware release anymore.
This company seems to borrow technology (eg.: Karma) and about 1 year they haven't managed to manufacture a simple docking station! That's a pity. So do not expect anything. There is said that they only changing to flash memory because no more 1" hdd is available. Again, if You have a look on the Sigmatel's website, and look at the chip that Vibez uses, it has a lot more capabilities than the Vibez itself.

My dilemma was to buy an MP3 player wich is no more supported by firmware upgrades (and nor has a docking station), or the one which never had a firmware upgrade, and the docking st. is only a promise.
I thing it does not matter. So I buy the Vibez F, only I wish it would be smaller and had a dedicated lock switch, since a lether case costs about 40$, which is a bit pricy.
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