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Default Audio Track conversion!

Hi, im a newbie!

installed RockBox a few days ago and am LOVING it.

just a had question about video conversion- i took a DIVX video file which has 2 audio tracks, audio track 1 is in spanish and track 2 is in english. i used WinFF to convert the video and when i did this, the file was in spanish on my sansa.

anyone have any idea how i could get it to be the english audio track thats present on my player? when i took a look at the converted file on my PC i found that it only had the spanish audio track! am i being an idiot and not seeing some obvious way to get it to be in english?

any help will be greatly appreciated!!
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Multitrack AVI is sort of a hack. Most software will only see the first track, so you'll either need to find some software that supports your hack or delete the second track out of the file.
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I haven't tried it, since I don't have any avi files with multiple audio tracks, but avidemux might be able to do it.

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thanks for the help, guys! i shall have a go with that software.
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