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Default cannot run command to install in Linux E250R

Please note: I have the Rhythmbox (the "R") version of the 250, and this makes a difference.

The Rockbox instructions (copied below) say to download e200rpatcher.linux, then run a command: sudo ./e200rpatcher.linux

I have Ubuntu Dapper installed on my laptop and it won't do anything. Ditto for Gutsy on my desktop PC.

I can't go to step 2 until this part is complete, and I see no manual work-around for this anywhere.

Is there a work-around, or is there something in this set of instructions that is missing?

I also tried to compile the bin file instead and that didn't do anything, and I have the build-essentials package and libusb-dev installed.

I don't want to be stuck with the Sansa firmware only since I don't want to keep going back to Windows, though I can dual-boot to XP if I absolutely have to. I'd like to have Rockbox working so I can make better use of this MP3 player.


Linux installer
  1. You can either use the precompiled linux binary or you need to compile it yourself. If using a the precompiled linux binary, download e200rpatcher.linux. Otherwise, download bootloader.bin and copy that into rbutil/e200rpatcher/ and run make (requires libusb-dev installed)
  2. sudo ./e200rpatcher.linux and follow the prompts
  3. If it says "Firmware Unlocked, Proceed to Step 2" then it was successful and you can continue.
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Did you change permission and make the binary executable?
chmod a+x e200rpatcher.linux
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"won't do anything" isn't a useful description of the problem. Post the command line log from when you ran it.
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Please post the errors that you are getting in the console.

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