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I use my e280 in MSC mode with a simple DOS batch file that I run from a shortcut on my desktop. The DOS batch file uses "ROBOCOPY" to perform a sync of my music. The batch file:

robocopy "C:\data\music" "f:\music" /S /PURGE /V /NP /LOG:"c:\data\sync.log" /R:10 /W:30

This will copy my new or updated music and album art files to my Sansa on F:, process all subdirectories, remove "missing" files that were on F: but now may have been moved or renamed (mp3 and jpg), and write a .log file of the actions taken. I just point to that in a shortcut on my desktop and double click. Takes a short time if you don't have a huge amount of changes. Low tech? Sure, but it works well and is very quick.

Incidentally, I read in the forums here to name your album art to "album art.jpg" in each album's folder which works fairly well for the Sansa. However, I've been using Winamp 5.5 to play my music on my PC and found that it prefers the art files to be named to match the album title. I then found that both Sansa and Winamp 5.5 can agree to use "folder.jpg" as the album art filename. Works like a charm and no "double" jpg image files with different filenames.
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