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Originally Posted by zivan56 View Post
Considering it's composite signal, 480i for NTSC. Who knows though, they may have implemented S-Video as well (using other pins)
The fact it's composite won't mean it will be 480i which is a resolution higher than the View supports. 480i is the maximum resolution NTSC handles, it's not the only resolution. I seriously doubt the View upscales a 320x240 to 720x480 resolution.

It is a pity S-Video probably isn't support, composite sucks, but will do for an MP3 Player.

Originally Posted by faction View Post
What resolution does it output at?
The same resolution that you've encoded the video in. I believe most people are using 320x240, which also happens to be roughly VCD quality, so definitely acceptable. But according to this link 480x272 is the maximum resolution supported:

Originally Posted by trilux View Post
If it an be hooked up to a TV, it becomes the best player around. Now, the question is WHICH videos will it play. Try playing avis encoded at 29 fps and 900kbs or better in DivX 4, 5 and Xvid and let us know the results.
It's the View doing the decoding not TV so whatever the View can handle will work.

It's likely audio is converted from whatever codec into PCM so your headphones can handle it. PCM is the standard for generic audio and will work on a TV.
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