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hi guys
ive just discovered an intersting trick about flashing an mtp device
i've just buyed an U3 because ogg friendly and no specific (i pod or else) or extra wire need and standard usb key to plug it as my regular key on my usb car stereo
(no ums no ums no ums so im upset and start to try find the good firmware to make the U3 my perfect 4gig small player)

here i find your excellent site and read somewhere else that you have to dl the korean but the mtp already deploy on the device disable to flash with it!!!and also read for some brand (i think it was sensa you can switch to ums/msc mode doing some key combination at device startup or plugged in!!!so i'v tried a few and succed to boot up in dfu mode witch means Device Firmware Upgrade (press record then keep pressed and press power then keep pressed and (you should have th blue led lite ) keep it pressed then plug it and XP should detecte a new device as dfu usb device

may be using some kind of low level dump in flash mem the good fw will fix the issue
cause im not used to works in the microcrotroller industries but i'm sure there must be some softwares that could flash it without using the device embedded option that runs only when you put the right file in the "system" folder!!!
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