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Originally Posted by kugel View Post
I doubt that as chrisjs has AFAIK no internet connection at the moment.
I have internet access right now, since I'm away, but I don't have access at home (for the moment).

Originally Posted by terrence1019 View Post
define freestate theme

I do have a copy of the Freestate theme available, though I'm not going to give out the link until either I have permission from Saphrano to redistribute it, or permission from another Rockbox developer.


As you can see, the thread's been dead since August (meaning, don't post in it...) and Saphrano hasn't been on the Rockbox forum since September. Seeing that the theme is essentially two months late, and he did say that after he was finished he'd make the source of the WPS available to modders, I can probably release the theme, but I'm not going to yet.
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